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AMUG 2023

AMUG 2023

We at Würth Additive Group are grateful for the recent coverage by 3D ADEPT Media, highlighting our presence at AMUG 2023. It was an incredible event filled with inspiring innovations, fruitful conversations, and exciting developments in the world of additive manufacturing. You can read the full 3D ADEPT Media article here

Our team is honored to be a part of this thriving community, and we remain committed to providing exceptional services and solutions in the additive manufacturing space. As showcased at AMUG 2023, our focus on safety, sustainability, recycling, and flexibility in the industry is driven by our passion for innovation and the desire to create a better future.

We find that one of the biggest hurdles to adoption of industrial 3D printing is quality operator and safety training. We believe in the importance of "Don't like it? Fix it!" and are committed to overcoming this hurdle. To showcase our dedication to safety, our CEO AJ Strandquist acted as a model for a presentation on operational safety in an industrial 3D printing environment. Through our division Würth MRO, Metalworking and Safety and the kind support of our colleague Anthony Sparks we offer top notch protective equipment and courses for users. We believe that by prioritizing safety, we can continue to drive innovation and create a better future for all.

We are especially proud to have our very own Ed Tackett featured in the article. With decades of AMUG experience, Ed is an invaluable asset to our team and the industry, and his dedication to education in the field truly embodies the spirit of Würth Additive Group. 

Looking ahead, we believe in the importance of nurturing the next generation of industry professionals and supporting the future of AMUG and industrial 3D printing. We couldn't agree more with the author's notion that investment in the talent of tomorrow is what makes the difference. We eagerly anticipate the growth of this industry and the opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals who will shape the future of additive manufacturing. Do you have an idea on how we could cooperate? Send us a message! 

Thank you for your support, and let's continue to drive innovation together! 

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