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EinScan HX - Reverse Engineering and Design Bundle

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source, Handheld 3D Scanner

Based on many years of 3D measurement experience and market demand, SHINING 3D integrates blue LED light and blue laser into the EinScan HX handheld 3D scanner. The hybrid laser and LED light sources make EinScan HX compatible with a wider range of object sizes, meeting multiple needs of users. High efficiency and reliable results give EinScan HX more application possibilities.

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light

With dual blue LED light and blue laser, this model allows the scanning of multiple different materials and has less limitations when it comes to a range of applications. LED light scanning allows rapid 3D scanning. Laser scanning, which is less sensitive to ambient light, produces better results on reflective and dark surfaces.

Reliable Results

The high resolution and accuracy meet the needs of most industrial applications for reverse engineering and measuring.

Minimum point distance 0.05 mm

Accuracy up to 0.04 mm under Laser Scan

High Efficiency

The processing speed of the EinScan HX under Rapid Scan Mode is up to 1,200,000 points/s, and multiple blue laser lines under Laser Scan Mode make the scanning of most objects possible within a couple of minutes. This completes the capabilities of your reverse engineering, CAD/CAM and 3D printing operation.

Portable & Easy Operation

The EinScan HX is a plug and play system with user friendly software. It's easy to operate no matter whether you're a seasoned user or fairly new to 3D scanning. The light design, portability and flexible use of the EinScan HX make for an ergonomic and comfortable scanning experience.

Ergonomic Design


Full Color

With the built-in color camera you can capture colors and surface textures in surprising detail.

EinScan HX Reverse Engineering Design Bundle

A hybrid light source 3D scanner with reverse engineering and CAD capabilities.

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