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Additive Manufacturing & Digital Inventory Management


You're thinking about introducing additive manufacturing / industrial 3D printing at your facility or you're looking to add to your existing program?  We would be glad to assist!  Würth is the largest industrial c-parts supplier and our 3D engineers are out in the field, daily, supporting customers by providing the most resilient supply chain solutions.  How?  The key, for us, is to offer adaptable digital inventory management solutions.  Put simply,  customers keep an inventory of digital part files, and print them on demand, when needed.  Our adaptive systems offer varying degrees of automation.  




Our 3D printing specialists and additive manufacturing engineers would love to share their passion and speak to you about your additive manufacturing program.  You can either click the "contact us" form or chat with us in the chat box on the bottom right of this page. 
We, the Würth Additive Group, a specialized business of Würth Industry North America with a focus on industrial 3D printing, support customers from exploration to implementation of (global) additive manufacturing programs - sometimes from initial prototyping and design services to the installation and maintenance of extensive machine parks, or as we would call them, "print farms".


Your benefits of working with the Würth Additive Group

The proud promise we make to our customer base is: The right parts, at the right time, at the right place.  Additive manufacturing, alongside our physical and digital inventory solutions, is a big part of that puzzle.  In an ideal world an industrial supply chain doesn't cause anyone headaches.  Our bespoke services offer benefits to a variety of stakeholders: 



  • “Metal on-demand” capabilities expand the scope of problem-solving on your production floor
  • A wide range of metal and polymer materials allow you to design for strength, stress, and impact 
  • The ability to quickly prototype new ideas at a low cost helps to find and provide the best solution, quickly
  • Spezialized software allows an engineering team to have the same standardized parts library nationwide or around the globe
  • Capturing high-quality 3D scans of objects up to 13 feet in length enables the creation of 3D printable models for a variety of use cases, one of them reverse engineering


Line Supervisors

  • Digital Kanban of replacement parts/tools/fixtures keep the line running with minimal downtime or cost
  • Increase speed, efficiency, or ergonomics in assembly with custom tools
  • Cut down on standing inventory space by keeping a digital library of slow running components



  • We provide 3D drawings, prototypes, and recommendations on potential cost-saving opportunities
  • As you gather forecast information we can give prospective pricing to help you project costs
  • Take ideas from prototype, to pilot build, to full production - faster than the competition
  • Accelerate and supports a SKU’s lifecycle


Company Management

  • Connect any number of facilities with a standardized process
  • We curate your digital parts library, instantly standardizing your parts catalog across sites
  • New tools or components can easily launch at all facilities, streamlining logistics and ensuring the right parts are at all locations
  • The Würth CPS and 3D programs give a worldwide platform to cut waste in your supply chain


While most of our customers know us as a provider of c-parts, integrating additive manufacturing into their facilities quickly makes sense once the potential is fully explored.  We are supply chain experts and see additive manufacturing as a great tool to bring "digital to physical" to manufacturing operations around the world.  


Our partners 

By integrating with different cutting edge 3D printing solution providers we are able to cover an ever growing range of applications of the technology. Our vision is to be the Swiss army knife for industrial 3D printing.  Whatever application or solution is on the drawing table, we are available as a trusted consultant.  



Rapid Shape is a leader in the field of 3D resin/ DLP printers for applications in the medical (dentistry, audiology) field.  Würth is proud to introduce industrial customers to a variety of (semi) automated direct light processing (DLP) printers.  Rapid Shape systems are turnkey, open source, and optimized for high throughput.  Medical precision at industrial scale.  Read the press release here. 


Markforged logo


Markforged is a manufacturer of desktopindustrial 3D printers and metal 3D printers.  Their patented continuous fiber system allows anyone to produce high strength to weight ratio, specialized engineering material parts.  Learn more about use cases and applications here



Arburg logo


ARBURG has over 65 years of experience in manufacturing systems for plastics processing, specializing in molding, turnkey systems, and additive manufacturing.  With its electric, hybrid and hydraulic plastic injection moulding machines, turnkey systems and its industrial additive manufacturing system, Arburg has been setting the standard for a while now. 

ARBURG’s additive technology takes the open material printing platform to a new level by utilizing thermoplastic pellets to print single or multi-material components. Their additive manufacturing system, the Arburg Freeformer, fuses tiny droplets from a variety of pelleted plastics on a build plate to construct an object.  Their system can print a variety of specialized engineering materials such as PEEK and Ultem.  Users can print parts for functional prototyping to production applications in the thermoplastic materials of their choice.  Powerful software allows users to change part densities and customize print jobs.  ARBURG Additive: Real Parts, Real Materials.  Here you can watch an introduction to Arburg additive manufacturing webinar and an in depth review of their high temperature materials.



Shining 3D logo


Shining 3D is a manufacturer of 3D scanners. Their solutions enable our industrial customers to reverse engineer any part. 


AM Solutions logoAM Solutions 3D post processing technology, a brand of the Rösler Group, offers equipment, process technologies, and consumables tailored for automated 3D post processing.  Whether your focus is on removal of powder and support structures, surface homogenization and smoothing, polishing, or the application of a color dye - with our partner's broad know-how in additive manufacturing and decades of experience in surface preparation and surface finishing, we can offer you a perfect solution from a single source, irrespective of the material used and printing method.

Their solutions just work, irrespective of the print method and the component material. Rösler is one of the market leaders in "traditional" surface finishing, and their additive manufacturing post processing solutions lead the charge. Have a look at their S1 here.  


Baker Huges logo

Baker Hughes is our partner for high end additive manufacturing applications.  Baker Hughes Additive Manufacturing Services: A complete AM value chain including commercial ecosystem for on-demand parts and services.  Our Additive Manufacturing (AM) service leverages the engineering expertise and resources of Baker Hughes to vastly expand beyond what’s possible for the design and manufacturing of materials, company interaction, and local industry development.  Applying AM technology enables customers to not only create more efficient and durable replacement parts, but also connect to an ecosystem that enables the industrialization and production of AM, drastically cutting operational costs and manufacturing lead times. 


Loctite by Henkel, logo


High performance photopolymer resins for prototyping and mass production. Loctite resins are the material of choice for dedicated teams and ecosystems to drive industrialization of additive manufacturing.  Customized resins are used in specific applications in automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer products and general industry.  Loctite can design specific resins for your applications and offers a wide range that take into consideration mechanical behavior, color, media resistance and biocompatibility. For the more "off the shelf" solutions, see here


Polymaker logo


Polymaker is a manufacturer of a range of very cost effective 3D printing filaments that are well loved in any setting, specifically hobbyist use, R&D, prototyping and EDU. See our range of product offerings here.


DSM / Covestro logo

Covestro, formerly DSM, is a maker of a wide range of 3D printing filaments and resins. For many print farms and industrial users, specifically their resins are the material of choice.  

Covestro is among the world’s leading polymer companies. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. Together with out partner we develop sustainable solutions to the greatest challenges of our age: climate change, resource depletion, urban expansion, population growth and the resulting increase in awareness of environmental issues. Covestro aims to meet this demand with long-lasting, light, environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials, which in many cases are suitable replacements for conventional materials such as steel and glass. We do so by focusing on innovation and sustainability and by following our objective: “To make the world a brighter place”.


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