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Raise3D DF2 - 3D Printer / Wash / Cure

Raise3D DF2 printer

Print Technology: Digital Light Printing (DLP)
Build Size (W × D × H): 200 × 112 × 300 mm (7.87 × 4.41 × 11.8 inch)
XY Resolution: 2560 x 1440
Max Part Weight: 10 kg
Max Printing Speed: 25 mm/h (0.1 mm per layer)
Layer Height: 50-100 micron

Resin Management:

  • Auto Resin Feeding
  • Resin Level Detection
  • Resin Confirmation

Control Panel: Touch Screen (Resolution: 1920 × 720) with Magic Layout (Allow to easily adjust the print layout and duplicate prints)

RFID Print Platform: Record the type of resin used and the printing, washing and curing settings

Level Calibration: Calibrated in factory

Chamber Heating: Max 40℃


Raise3D Resins: Raise3D Standard White Resin, Raise3D High Detail Apricot Resin, Raise3D Tough 2K Grey Resin, Raise3D Rigid 3K Grey Resin, Raise3D High Clear Resin (Coming soon), Raise3D High Temperature Resin (Coming soon)

Co-branding Resins with BASF and Henkel: LOCTITE 3D IND405™, LOCTITE 3D PRO476™, Ultracur3D® RG 3280, Ultracur3D® RG 1100 B
ORP (Open Resin Program): Coming soon

Raise3D DF Wash

Washing Tank Volume: 14L
Max Washing Size: 200 x 112 x 300 mm (7.87 x 4.41 x 11.8 inch)
Compatible Solvent: IPA
Washing Features: Twin-turbo Washing, Hand Washing Simulation
Drying Feature: Double Fan Air Drying
Drainage: Automatic Liquid Drainage with Waste Container
Wash Profile: RFID Auto Set or Manual Entering

Raise3D DF Cure

Max Curing Size: φ 230 x 300 mm (φ 9 x 11.8 inch)
Curing Source: LED (365nm, 385nm, 405nm mixed); Max Air Heating Temperature up to 120℃
Cure Profile: RFID Auto Set or Manual Entering

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