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Raise3D High Detail Apricot V1 Resin

Raise3D High Detail Apricot Resin 1kg

Color: Apricot (PMS: 2433 C / RAL: 3012)

High Detail Resin features an ultra-high resolution matte appearance to bring your visual prototypes and model designs to life. The smooth apricot surface finish has a professional appearance and simplifies various post-processing and finishing methods (e.g., painting and plating).

High Detail Resin is ideal for high-resolution prototypes, complex models and sculptures, cultural and creative products, and high-precision industrial parts.


  • Ultra-fine details and high resolution
  • Ready for painting and plating
  • Excellent matte surface finish


  • Ultra-high resolution and detailed prototypes
  • Complex and intricate models and sculptures
  • Models for painting and plating

Printing Tips:

  • Shake and stir well before printing.
  • Store away from UV exposure.
  • Ensure sufficient liquid resin level for printing.
  • Filter cured resin residues during printing.
  • Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves.

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