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Raise3D Rigid 3K Grey Resin 1kg

Color: Grey (PMS: 6218 C / RAL: 7001)

Rigid 3K Resin is designed for stiff and strong parts where high strength, high rigidity and heat resistance are required. This material delivers excellent results in part accuracy as well as mechanical and thermal properties.

Rigid 3K Resin is a great performance material for a wide range of engineering end-use parts under various working conditions, such as thin-wall functional parts, connectors, brackets, jigs & fixtures, and mounts and brackets.


  • 3263 MPa Young’s modulus
  • 78 MPa tensile strength
  • 97°C HDT @ 0.45 MPa
  • 30 J/m Izod notched impact


  • High rigidity
  • Excellent part strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Rigidity similar to glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials


  • Robust prototypes
  • Thin-wall parts
  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Connectors
  • Mounts and brackets

Printing Tips:

  • Shake and stir well before printing.
  • Store away from UV exposure.
  • Ensure sufficient liquid resin level for printing.
  • Filter cured resin residues during printing.
  • Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves.

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