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Raise3D Standard White Resin 1kg

Raise3D Standard White Resin 1kg

Color: White (PMS: 11-0602 TCX / RAL: 9010)

Standard Resin is an easy-to-print well-rounded resin which provides fine detail, high accuracy and a matte smooth surface finish for an easier and more efficient post-processing process.

Standard White Resin is chosen as neutral undertones, making a perfect base for painting and other post-processing. Excellent print quality and ease of use make it ideal for general purpose prototyping, as well as presentation-ready models for art, design and industrial applications.


  • Easy-to-print with high accuracy
  • Smooth and precise details
  • Matte surface finish


  • Prototyping and design
  • Models with small features and intricate details
  • Model for painting and other post-processing

Printing Tips:

  • Shake and stir well before printing.
  • Store away from UV exposure.
  • Ensure sufficient liquid resin level for printing.
  • Filter cured resin residues during printing.
  • Avoid skin contact and wear protective gloves.

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