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Würth ESK 50 Fast-Acting Epoxy Adhesive

Würth ESK 50 Fast-Acting Epoxy Resin for 3D printing

This is a fast acting epoxy used to join 3D printed parts to form multi-part components. A multi-part component that has purely aesthetic functions can be held by this adhesive alone - but a multi-part component that is mechanically stressed, we would probably bolt and glue. Just to be on the safe side. This product can be used for all sort of materials, including a wide range of plastics and metals. See more in the description below. 

Adhesive Solvent-free, 2 part cartridge. Color: light yellow,Content 50ml Included: 2 mixing tips


  • Contains no Silicone
  • Containsb 0% VOC
  • Fast set


  • Use in Body Shops
  • 50-state compliant
  • Rapid repairs 5 to 10 minutes 


Suitable for bonding together various materials with high tensile and impact strength and excellent resistance to flaking and shocks. Because the fast-acting adhesive is a transparent light yellow adhesive, it is suitable for visible areas. Apart from use in 3D printed components, this product is an ideal composite for a wide range of applications such as sticking stainless steel sheets together, repairing plastic and metal components that have broken off, manufacturing printed circuit boards, etc.

Suitable surfaces include steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, coated or galvanized metals, sanded glass fiber-reinforced plastic, ABS, hard PVC, SMC, glass, ceramic, concrete, fiber-reinforced plastic/SMC, wood, polyurethane, etc.

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