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PolyMide is a filament in the PolyMaker family. These filaments exhibit excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistance in the 3D printing experience.
  • from $29.99

    Polymaker PolyMide PA6-GF


    Polymaker's PolyMide™ PA6-GF is a glass fiber reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6) filament. The material exhibits excellent thermal and mechanical properties ...

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    from $29.99
  • $44.99

    Polymaker PolyMide PA6-CF


    Polymaker's PolyMide™ PA6-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6) filament. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved st...

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  • $49.99

    Polymaker PolyMide CoPA


    Polymaker's PolyMide™ CoPA is based on a copolymer of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6. The filament combines excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistan...

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