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Rapid Shape i100+ Industrial 3D Resin Printer

Pre-Owned Unit

Efficient, automated, reliable - professional workflow, maximum speed and consistent quality.


The i100+ has the largest print area of any Rapid Shape printer we offer. It combines long-lasting, repeatable quality with the highest precision. This machine is the perfect 24/7 production unit - think thousands of parts per day. It features an industrial projection system and internal cooling for all system components. The i100+ is the solution for high-capacity 3D labs or production facilities, including multi-shift operations, or simply where build space and therefore part size is critical.

Rapid Shape's i100+ is a high-performance, fully automated DLP 3D printer designed for high-volume production. It features an open system for flexible material compatibility, an automatic resin replenishment system for continuous production, and high safety standards for a healthy printing environment. The i100+ achieves a print resolution of 44 nm, optimal for capturing fine details and printing with extremely high accuracy. This makes the i100+ the ultimate machine for industrial applications that require the highest precision and continuous production that have become standard in the medical field.


Your i100+ Features  

  • Automatic Separation Module (ASM)
  • Automatic Resin refill unit
  • Access to the Knowledge Center
  • Controlled regulation of resin temperature up to 60° C (= 140° F)
  • Material identification (RFID)
  • Certified auto-calibration (ACCS)
  • Force-Feedback-Technology
  • Remote access by TeamViewer 
  • Web browser access

Your i100+ Benefits

  • 24/7 usage - Increased productivity due to continuous printing
  • Open system 
  • Material and time saving, also more environmentally friendly
  • Rapid solutions

Performance parameters 


Build area 338 x 190 mm
Native pixel +/- 44 nm 
Max part height 400 mm
Light source 385 nm ultra high power UV LED
Resolution 4K 3840 x 2160 px


(W x H x D)

22.63 in x 85.3 in x 19.52 in

575 mm x 2160 mm x 498 mm

Control 10'' Touchscreen

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