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3D Printing with Rapid Shape

»We set the Benchmark in Efficiency and Quality« is what our partners at Rapid Shape say about themselves. The company was founded in 2011 by Andres Schultheiss. It is located in the South of Germany and has its seat in Heimsheim. The first products were made for casting for the jewelry industry, but the portfolio grew ever since. Therefore, the company employees about 175 people worldwide in seven locations in five different countries.


Additive Manufacturing with Rapid Shape 

Rapid Shape has a ton of experience when it comes to 3D printing: They started over 10 years ago and provide professional solutions for different applications, such as dental applications, jewelry applications, hearing aid parts and applications für industry. They make sure to not just fit the expectations from the customer but exceed them. And this is what they also try to do with their own expectations. The overall goal: to develop the products and their organization to provide the best, most efficient, and most sustainable solutions.


The Rapid Shape Resin Printer series 

The Rapid Shape 3D Printers use DLP to photo-cure liquid resin layer-by-layer through vat photopolymerization, creating the perfect solution for prints that require high detail and precision, or complex geometries. Vat photopolymerization is one of the fastest and most material-efficient 3D printing methods on the market. When combined with Rapid Shape’s Force Feedback technology, which removes prints from the print bed with precise calibration and speed, it creates exceptionally high productivity.


Rapid Shape i100+

The Rapid Shape i100+ is a printer designed for fully automated central production. It can run 24/7, which makes it perfect for high-quality 3D parts that are low in production costs.


The highlights of the 3D Printer:

  • Largest printing area: From all the Rapid Shape 3D Printers, the i100+ offers the largest print area.
  • Works day and night: The Rapid Shape doesn’t get tired; it is made for 24/7 production without any loss of quality.
  • High Volume: the open system, the compatibility with all kinds of materials and high-performance guarantee high-volume production.
  • High standards: With a print resolution of 44nm the i100+ fits perfectly for capturing fine details and printing with extremely high accuracy.


All in all: The Rapid Shape i100+ is perfect for continuous use, has an automatic resin refill unit, works with an open system, and has a low acquisition cost.


Rapid Shape i50+

With Rapid Shape's latest 3D development, the Rapid Shape i50+ you can enjoy efficient and optimized workflows with no idle time.


The highlights of the 3D Printer:

  • Perfect partner: Trust the process? Yes! The Rapid Shape i50+ sets high standards for precision, speed, and reliability while having high safety standards and security.
  • Optimal workflow: The Printer can create a multitude of parts in just one print run while ensuring optimal workflows in professional applications.
  • All-round Talent: The i50+ is an innovative leader in the development of high-end systems. It is suitable for all conceivable indications, with high 4K precision.


All in all: The Rapid Shape i50+ has an automatic separation module, an automatic resin refill unit, works with an open system and is user friendly.


Rapid Shape i30+

Do you want to take your production to the next level? The Rapid Shape i30+ is the ideal machine for production upscaling.


The highlights of the 3D Printer:

  • No manual work required: Thanks to the integrated automatic separation module, the parts you print will be automatically removed from the build platform. The next printing job starts right after.
  • Fast: The Rapid Shape is designed to provide seamless performance and excel in prototyping and industrial applications. The printer technology effectively reduces the work and delivery times by improving the efficiency.
  • Flexible: The i30+ features an open system for flexible material compatibility, while achieving a printing resolution of 34 um, optimal for capturing fine details and printing with extremely high accuracy.


All in all: The Rapid Shape i30+ has an automatic separation module, is user friendly, works with an open system and has lower costs per unit.



Rapid Shape GmbH – That’s why

Rapid Shape has decided to specialize in Printing with Digital Light Processing. With no other technology it is possible to print that many pieces with the same quality and details. With DLP it is possible to work precisely without having to use a lot of energy or resources. Rapid Shape sets benchmarks in material turnover per time and the resulting high productivity. What Rapid Shape 3D Printing promises? First-class build quality, detailed print results, durable and proven components, open material system, cost-effective materials, easy handling, fast results, low entry costs – everything you want and more!


What is the Rapid Shape 3D printer price?

Do you want to use one of the Rapid Shape 3D printers in your company? It is possible to rent or buy these products. Please go to our shop and add your specific Rapid Shape unit to the cart. Feel free to also contact us with any concerns. Together we can develop a specific solution for your financing. Please send us a message for financing and rental information.


Our further products

The Rapid Shape doesn’t fit your needs? No problem! We do offer alternative solutions in additive manufacturing with a variety of 3D printers from other manufacturers.


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