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Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape GmbH’s industrial resin 3D printers provide lights-out manufacturing capabilities and supply users with medical precision on an industrial scale. High-run production is made possible by the printers’ industry-leading automation capabilities, and Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Force Feedback technology create resin prints with impeccable precision in a cost-efficient, sustainable way. Together with Rapid Shape, we have created a turnkey industrial-ready solution with Würth special-edition i30+ and i50+ printer models.

Founded in southern Germany in 2011, Rapid shape employs over 175 people at seven locations in five countries around the world. Their goal is not only to meet customer expectations, but also to exceed them by constantly developing their products and their organization to provide the best, most efficient, and most sustainable solutions possible.


Unparalleled Precision and Speed

Rapid Shape printers use DLP to photo-cure liquid resin layer-by-layer through vat photopolymerization, creating the perfect solution for prints that require high detail and precision, or complex geometries. Vat photopolymerization is one of the fastest and most material-efficient 3D printing methods on the market, and when combined with Rapid Shape’s Force Feedback technology, which removes prints from the print bed with precise calibration and speed, it creates exceptionally high productivity.


Scalable Production through 24/7 Automation

Each Rapid Shape printer we offer is equipped with an automatic resin refill unit and a proprietary Automatic Separation Module, a sharp katana-like blade that enables automatic separation and removal of printed parts. This allows for lights-out, 24/7 automation, and makes high-volume additive manufacturing possible. Quality and accuracy of process and print are ensured with each printers’ Certified Auto Calibration Sensor technology.

The RS Inline system can connect two to five i100+ printers with a conveyor belt and material holding units under one server control, and is capable of producing thousands of parts per day, completely automatically.
  • $119,900.00

    Rapid Shape i100+ Industrial 3D Resin Printer

    Rapid Shape

    Efficient, automated, reliable - professional workflow, maximum speed and consistent quality.   The i100+ has the largest print area of any Rapid ...

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    Starting at $3,700 /month
  • $29,900.00

    Rapid Shape i30+ Industrial 3D Resin Printer

    Rapid Shape

    4th of July SPECIAL: Purchase a Rapid Shape i30 and get 4x 1 liter LOCTITE resin of choice! Just add to cart, discount is automatically applied at ...

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    Starting at $650 /month
  • $59,900.00

    Rapid Shape i50+ Industrial 3D Resin Printer

    Rapid Shape

    Rapid Shape brings you the latest development in 3D Printing With Rapid Shape's latest 3D development "I50+" you can enjoy efficient and optimized...

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    Starting at $1,400 /month