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Markforged Composite Purge Kit for Onyx Pro, Mark Two and industrial series including the Markforged X3, X5 and X7

The Markforged Composite Purge Kit is required when printing with Markforged Smooth TPU 95A

The Composite Purge Kit is a special purge filament required for printing TPU 95A. If a nylon-based material, such as Onyx or Nylon White, was printed before printing with S-TPU, a cleaning routine must be performed with the Composite Purge Kit. This ensures that no residue of the old filament, which has a different melting point, remains in the nozzle and reduces the print quality. This routine is not required if you are loading an S-TPU spool after previously printing S-TPU or P-PLA.

The purge kit must be used when loading an S-TPU spool after previously printing a nylon-based material such as Onyx or Nylon.

Includes 1x purge kit. Compatible with the Markforged Onyx Pro, the Markforged Mark Two and the Markforged industrial series (X3, X5, X7) 3D printers.


  • Reliably cleans the printhead
  • Coordinated with software-guided cleaning routine

Scope of delivery: 

  • 1x Composite Purge Kit

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